caudal appendage-deafness syndrome

MONDO_0015233 Condition
Lynch-Lee-Murday syndrome

genetic epidermal appendage anomaly

MONDO_0021026 Condition
genetic epidermal appendage anomaly

apparent mineralocorticoid excess

MONDO_0009025 Condition
cortisol 11-beta-ketoreductase deficiency

appendix carcinoma

MONDO_0003196 Condition
carcinoma of vermiform appendix

neuroendocrine tumor of the appendix, well differentiated, low or intermediate grade

MONDO_0015066 Condition
Appendix Well Differentiated Endocrine Tumor/Carcinoma

atrial appendage anomaly

MONDO_0019837 Condition
Atrial auricle anomaly

epidermal appendage anomaly

MONDO_0019277 Condition

ectasia of the right atrial appendage

MONDO_0020432 Condition
Ectasia of the right atrial auricle

juxtaposition of the atrial appendages

MONDO_0020431 Condition
Juxtaposition of the atrial auricles

skin appendage carcinoma

MONDO_0006973 Condition
cutaneous appendage carcinoma

dappled diaphyseal dysplasia

MONDO_0020473 Condition

ectasia of the left appendage

MONDO_0020433 Condition
Dilatation of the left appendage

secretory apparatus of the lacrimal system anomaly

MONDO_0020193 Condition
lacrimal gland disease

epithelial tumor of the appendix

MONDO_0018511 Condition
Appendiceal epithelial tumor

mucinous adenocarcinoma of the appendix

MONDO_0018330 Condition
Appendiceal mucinous adenocarcinoma