Alcohol Results

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alcoholic polyneuropathy

MONDO_0006645 Condition
Alcohol-related polyneuropathy

alcoholic liver cirrhosis

MONDO_0006644 Condition
Alcoholic cirrhosis of liver

alcoholic cardiomyopathy

MONDO_0006643 Condition
Alcoholic cardiomyopathy

alcohol withdrawal delirium

MONDO_0006642 Condition

alcohol sensitivity, acute

MONDO_0012454 Condition

alcohol abuse

MONDO_0002046 Condition
Ethanol abuse

alcoholic hepatitis

MONDO_0001505 Condition
acute Alcoholic Hepatitis

fetal alcohol syndrome

MONDO_0016011 Condition

alcohol withdrawal

MONDO_0005433 Condition
alcohol withdrawal syndrome

non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

MONDO_0013209 Condition
non-alcoholic fatty liver

fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

MONDO_0021720 Condition

alcohol-induced disorders

MONDO_0021699 Condition

alcohol-related disorders

MONDO_0021698 Condition

alcoholic fatty liver disease

MONDO_0021104 Condition
Alcoholic Steatohepatitis

alcohol-related birth defect

MONDO_0000395 Condition
Alcohol Related Birth Defect

partial fetal alcohol syndrome

MONDO_0000393 Condition

obsolete fetal alcohol syndrome

MONDO_0000392 Condition

sudden cardiac failure, alcohol-induced; SCFAI

MONDO_0014974 Condition
Sudden Cardiac Failure, Alcohol-Induced

alcoholic gastritis

MONDO_0004640 Condition
Alcoholic Gastritis

Isopropyl Alcohol 0.91 ML/ML

RXNORM:582900 Drug

cinnamyl alcohol

RXNORM:1362889 Drug

Isopropyl Alcohol Otic Solution

RXNORM:806519 Drug