Tymp Results


thymidine phosphorylase

malignant jugulotympanic paraganglioma

MONDO_0006291 Condition
Malignant Glomus Jugulare Tumor


MONDO_0001443 Condition

jugulotympanic paraganglioma

MONDO_0021064 Condition
Tumor of the Glomus Jugulare

atrophic flaccid tympanic membrane

MONDO_0003647 Condition

tympanic membrane disease

MONDO_0003648 Condition
tympanic membrane disease

chronic tympanitis

MONDO_0001227 Condition

atrophic nonflaccid tympanic membrane

MONDO_0001547 Condition

acute tympanitis

MONDO_0001802 Condition
acute myringitis

chronic tympanitis

MONDO_0001227ub Condition


MONDO_0024616 Condition

tympanic paraganglioma

MONDO_0023682 Condition

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